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Assured refunds to ensure the highest quality and on schedule delivery. You can add any necessary information in the main part of your paper. And this preference, therefore, in some cases needs to be avoided and a single

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Diwali in hindi essay

Essay on Diwali for Students of Classes: 8, 9 and 10 in Hindi Language (Hindu Festival). Essay on Diwali Festival in Hindi?? Essay on the Festival of Lights Diwali for Teachers in Hindi Language (Hindu Festival). Essay

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Hinduism buddhism comparison essay

Because of these basic similarities, the two religions have much in common, but in the same light they differ immensely. But Hindus get to choose between three gods or others if they choose and get to decide

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Education is liberation essay

Conversely, socially induced needs and aspirations may result in a more pleasurable organic behavior. The notion that happiness is an objective condition which demands more than subjective feelings has been effectively obscured; its validity depends on the real

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My motherland essay mongolia

One of the results of a slower form of immersion travel is the experience of epiphanies through the senses and spirit that change one's perceptions of others, of oneself, of the interrelationship, and of the world as a

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A holiday excursion essay

I was up until about 3:00 AM writing. . In Kuwait and Iraq were many activists for democratic reform, representing various oppressed groups. . 46 Spain had a steeply stratified society; 85 of the population was composed of

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Heart attack essay in tamil video

heart attack essay in tamil video

smoke even if it is hard to quit a person must try to maintain your health. Additional signs for women can be heartburn, lightheaded or dizziness, and tiredness (Foundation Mayo). Heart attacks can happen anytime, when you work, play, or even when you are resting (Foundation Mayo). Exercise daily to keep fit and your heart healthy, studies show that the impact of diet, exercise and medications can be greater to prevent heart disease (Star, Ventura County). A cardiac catheterization is performed in a special lab under local anesthetic and sterile conditions.

After the heart attack you should try to keep your body as healthy as possible. Obesity can be a risk factor in people because it is connected with high blood cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and diabetes. But today, I will be explaining the risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, complications, treatment, cures of a heart attack. The test will collect the images of your heart and chest (Foundation Mayo). Pain that is being extended from your chest to your back, arm, shoulder, or even teeth or jaw. With all of these causes the heart muscle then has no oxygen to be fed. Many people think that Heart Failure is when the heart stops working, but it really means that the heart cannot pump enough blood to the body efficiently (Foundation Mayo). The muscle which provides the heart with the oxygen is called coronary arteries.

The interrupted flow of blood to the heart can damage or even destroy a heart muscle. Heart rupture leaves a hole in the heart which can also be just as fatal as other complications (WebMD a valve problem can be a result of a heart attack. This happens by a temporary decline of blood flow available to the heart muscle. Your heart muscle requires a steady supply of oxygen (Foundation Mayo). M contains interesting essays on the best and popular writing topics. Men who are 45 or older and women who are 55 or older are at greater risk than younger people (WebMD). Chest x-ray will post images on the computer of your heart or vessels to see if any fluids are present (Foundation Mayo). To open up the artery a small thin tube is inserted in the artery with a small balloon which gets inflated, opening up the artery, and then a metal mesh stent is put in to keep the artery open forever (Foundation Mayo). After testing you, it comes down to how you should be treated. Another test will be taken called a stress test, this measures how your heart and blood vessels respond to exertion (WebMD). All muscles in the heart require oxygen to operate correctly. In order to determine the proper treatment, first the doctor must determine the extent of damage to the heart.

heart attack essay in tamil video

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