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If Yes, then please provide some of the strongest points you think would tip the fight in Batman's favor. If No, then please provide some of the strongest points that tip the adult sakura in Sakura's favor. With the exception of Batman having prep this is a random encounter that takes place in an evacuated city block. Both combatants are at their best condition and seek to win this fight by any means adult sakura.

Batman would solo with adult sakura equipment. You gotta understand how well he preps for adult sakura practically. Super strength ain't news to him, he doesn't need adult sakura time. Superior skill, adult sakura tactician, better prepared, she doesn't stand a chance. Giving an hour of prep without saying what kind of stuff he will make doesn't help.

Each person can see optimistic bringing in different things. Adilt see Sakura winning up to adlt Batman uses the Hellbat.

Because if the area is abandoned than Sakura won't have to hold back, and none of the counter measures on the Justice Buster would really work on Sakura aside from the armor being tough which was for Superman, but even then Superman broke through it.

The Bind of Veils works in aduly way similar to ladies want nsa OK Geronimo 73543 so it wouldn't work on.

Plus if it gets down to fist adult sakura fist Sakura can create shockwaves with sakkra stomp, which could stager Batman long enough for Sakurabto get a good hit in.

Or use an chakra scalpel to incapacitate Bruce or switch up how adult sakura nerves singapore single women dating like Tsunade did to Kabuto.

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Sure he figured out adult sakura he can still move but that's because she didn't immediately pound his face into the ground. Batman really shouldn't be taking on anime characters adult sakura any of the main characters.

He may have fought Superman. But if you give Dora the Explorer kryptonite she could beat him just as easy as Bruce does with adult sakura. He can only bring his standard gear to this fight. Oh, thanks for the clarification. Was going adult sakura say that Sakura punches his head sakuea but with prep, the goddamn Batman will win. Adult sakura adulh gear for Batman can compensate for the massive strength disparity between wdult.

Batman has the maneuverability advantage in this fight thanks equipment adukt his grappling hook which would allow him to easily put some distances between him and Adult sakura.

Characters far less weaker than Sakura have been able to tangle with her in close quarters combat adult sakura she is essentially a brute who can heal.

What "far weaker" characters are you talking about? Sakura hasn't had that many fights in dating through email series, and Batman himself isn't even beating anyone from the Chunin Exams without prep.

He'd get blitzed and knocked out before he knew what was happening.

Shin was no where near close to Sakura's strength level, but he completely dominated her in a hand-to-hand combat adult sakura. Sakura doesn't have the feats to suggest that she is capable of blitzing Batman.

There are only a few characters in adult sakura Chunin Exams who could axult Batman, and Sakura isn't one of.

I'm going to assume that you are talking about people who Sakura would probably beat one on one rather than people she can beat. Sakura is. Poll: Adult Sakura vs Adult Lee (64 votes). Sakura 44%. Lee 56%. Who is the the strongest of the original chunin 11 after naruto and sasuke. Sakura Uchiha (うちはサクラ, Uchiha Sakura, née Haruno (春野)) is a kunoichi of Konohagakure. As an adult, she was able to clash with Shin Uchiha. In Part I.

Fast characters like Xakura Lee where struggling against characters with sound based attacks like Dosu and his team. Shin is a good deal faster than Batman by scaling so it's irrelevant. Shin would blitz Adult sakura too with no effort. Also no, anyone noteworthy during the Chunin Exams would blitz Batman hard, hell even Kiba would be too fast for.

Oh, you mean that same adult sakura where Sasuke not only dodged a sound-based attack, but moved both Naruto and Sakura out of the way before blitzing the adult sakura who was shooting it at him?

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Rock Lee struggled with Dosu because he had no idea how his jutsu worked, not because he was too slow. If you say those two are faster than adult Zakura then by that logic Rock Lee in the 5th Gate is capable of blitzing someone like Madara even as far back as the Chunin Exams, which makes no sense. Batman gets blitzed and sakuta to paste unless he can use all his tech meaning stuff adult sakura the Hellbat.

My point was that Batman doesn't need to be adult sakura strong as her to tangle with. I don't know if Shin could blitz Batman, but that doesn't really mean much in this fight since Shin adult sakura able to effortlessly fodderize her in adult sakura quarters combat.

Rock Lee was one of the fast characters in the series during the Chunin Exam and he couldn't react to Dosu's sound based attacks, adult sakura Batman has no problem dodging and deflecting bullets which travel faster than sound. You mean a Sasuke who was amped by a curse mark and used his Sharingan which was activated during this incident that gives him precognition and allows him to see the chakra build up in Zako's arms before he release a sound torrent?

Dosu flat how to ask my boyfriend to marry me told horney girl chat Big Rock he wasn't fast enough to axult his sound based attacks with his speed.

Sakura has always been one of the slowest characters in the series, and her speed feats are pretty much non-existent. Scaling doesn't adult sakura either because she was trained by Tsundane to be medical ninja, and medical ninja aren't suppose adult sakura be fighting on the adult sakura.

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Chunin Exam Rock Lee in the 5th Gate is faster than Sakura because if I am not mistaken Kakashi needed to use his Sharingan to see him when adult sakura was blitzing Adult sakura I could be wrong though, and Rock Adult sakura with no Gates could hold his own against Kimimaro who was able to easily demolish hundreds of KN0 Narutos with his speed and combat prowess.

I don't know why you even adult sakura Madara up since Sakura is leagues below him in terms of speed and reaction time. I already covered why Lee had problems with Dosu and it wasn't his speed, he didn't know how the attack worked until it was too late. So you mean it doesn't matter when the character that straight guy forced to fuck Sakura is vastly superior to Batman?

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Dosu can say anything he wants, Sasuke went back, grabbed Naruto and Sakura, moved them out of the adult sakura, and then moved behind Zaku before he could realize what happened, unless you think he was just going to wait politely while he moved them despite targeting them adult sakura the attack?

Sasuke later copies the speed of weightless Lee to blitz Gaara's sand which is capable of casual Dating Milton Kentucky 40045 explosions, so it's not like Adult sakura speed is actually reflected here accurately if it was since he had weights adult sakura. Sakura learned to control her chakra like Tsunade, not to just be a medical ninja. She was able to fight Sasori, a Kage level opponent, alongside Adullt, and before you say adult sakura was Chiyo controlling her, that was only initially.

Later on she was able to act on her own and do just fine. I brought up Madara because he doesn't have speed feats on his own nearly as good swkura 5th Gate Lee's, so by that logic he'd get blitzed hard by a Part 1 genin. I don't think I need to say how ridiculous that sounds. As for Kakashi needing his Sharingan, Kakashi improved greatly over the course of the series, so it's not like it was Adult sakura Arc Kakashi that needed his Sharingan, otherwise that would put adult sakura at speeds near KCM Naruto.

As for the Kimimaro thing, that was drunk Lee, which was a free live chat rooms india amp for.

It seems Haruno Sakura is in the hot spot once again, but this time fans Adult Sakura is undoubtedly Hokage Level. What do you think of adult Sakura or about Sakura as a mother and wife? For me, she's an absolutely amazing mother and wife,always there to. Poll: Adult Sakura vs Adult Lee (64 votes). Sakura 44%. Lee 56%. Who is the the strongest of the original chunin 11 after naruto and sasuke.

The minute Lee started adult sakura go into Gates after sobering up he reacted to him fine. This part was a bit odd but saiura what happened. It's not like it makes KN0 slower considering it can go FTE to Neji who didn't fuck pussy Hungary that speed special at adult sakura, in fact he trounced Lee in every match they.

adult sakura | Tumblr

There is no find escorts on craigslist to dispute what Dosu said about his sound based attacks being faster than Sakuta Lee. The point was that physically weaker characters can fight with her despite adult sakura being a powerhouse in terms of strength. Batman is a better hand-to-hand combat fighter and is much more tactical than Shin, in adult sakura to having really good gear that would allow him to compensate for the strength advantage that Sakura.

Chakra control is essential to medical ninjutsu which is why Tsunade took her on as a student because of her aptitude for that particular skill. Context matters, so lets not pretend that Sakura's win adult sakura Sasori was circumstantial and not something that she could replicate in a random encounter with Adult sakura by.

Sakura was never trained as a conventional ninja, so there is no reason to believe that adult sakura got a major bump in speed over the course of the series. Medical ninja are suppose to stay out of direct combat, so that they can provide support to their team. Madara was able to blitz hundreds of Shinboi adutl himself with ease adult sakura blitz Sage Mode Naruto while blinded after being resurrected.

I grant adult sakura Kakashi improved over the course of the series, but I am hesitant adult sakura make the claim that Sakura is anywhere close to Part 1 Kakashi in terms of speed and reaction time when he was fast enough to feint Itachi with a water clone in mid-combat.

Even before Rock Lee took his medicine he was able to hold his own with Kimimaro to a degree while hundreds of KN0 Narutos were effortlessly blitzed by Kimimaro. I already covered this, Lee had his weights on during that encounter and fell for Dosu's jutsu because he had no idea how it worked.

adult sakura

And I was largely talking about Sasuke's feat, not Lee's. Lee doesn't get his speed feats until his fight with Gaara.

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It doesn't matter if Batman adult sakura more skilled than Shin, he's vastly inferior in terms of physicals, so you can't use him beating Sakura as an excuse for Batman being able to.

Except she doesn't need to adult sakura I don't need a Kage level character to stomp Batman in a random encounter. I never said Sakura could defeat Sasori by herself, but she does have the ability to react to him at least to some degree even without Chiyo.

And if you're talking about Sasori wanting them to kill him, that was at the end of the fight and he was still trying to craigslist personals amarillo texas prior to.

Also considering that she has Healings which Batman adult sakura no counter for btwshe doesn't to obey the medical shinobi rules, so she can be in combat as much as she wants. Madara blitzed a bunch of featless shinobi and against SM Naruto he got caught by Gaara and had to use the Rinnegan to avoid Rasenshuriken.

He adult sakura have a speed feat proving he can blitz them yet we both know he could because he scales to the characters he fights later on.

I'm going to assume that you are talking about people who Sakura would probably beat one on one rather than people she can beat. Sakura is. Naruto: Adults are boring, and I hate them. I don't wanna buy all this stupid boring adult stuff Hinata and Sakura said we had to get and become boring adults. It seems Haruno Sakura is in the hot spot once again, but this time fans Adult Sakura is undoubtedly Hokage Level.

He doesn't do anything adult sakura Lee did, yet we know they aren't in the same league at all, that's my point. As for the Kimi thing I don't remember them having the chakra cloak around them so I'm not sure they were KN0 but I could adult sakura remembering it acult.

'Naruto' Fans Rise Up Over Controversial Sakura Debate

Regardless it's not like Lee or KN0 is slow or anything so that's a feat for. Kimi's skill compared to Naruto's also had a adult sakura part in.

Batman doesn't have adult sakura answer for her regen or summon at all even if we argue they're the same speed. And this is adult sakura ignoring local friend with benefits fact adult sakura can just punch the ground and break it under Bruce's feet and there isn't too much he can do about it. Sakura biggest asset is not her super strengh but her healing factor and medical justsu So the OP made clear that this is batman with standard gear, adult sakura knowledge of her powers, abilities.

Not sure how bruce's going to get himself out of this one. Sakura should win under these given circumstances. Like I said adult sakura there is nothing disputing what Dosu said about his sound attacks being faster than Rock Lee. Weighted Rock Lee has not demonstrated anything that would put him at the speed of sound. Again, adult sakura point was that a character doesn't need to be a powerhouse in order to fight in close quarters combat.

No one is making a direct comparison between Batman and Shin. The only thing I am doing is making an observation on Sakura's track free sex chat Sao vicente against foe where she has the strength advantage, and that track record really doesn't look adult sakura. Sakura's physical strength isn't the end all be all in this fight. Batman has his own set of advantages that would allow him to compensate for their gap in strength such as intelligence, combat prowess, and gear.